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                Increase access to well-paying career paths and support black executives.

                JPMorgan Chase is committed to diversity and creating a culture where all employees are treated fairly, with respect, and have access to career opportunities. We will build on the success of our internal Advancing Black Leaders strategy to expand the firm’s recruitment of black Americans while also promoting leadership excellence and retention. Additionally, we will also expand our Director Advisory Service to help develop and recommend more black executives for our clients’ Boards of Directors.

                We want to help more black professionals grow their careers, develop job skills and expand access to well-paying careers.


                Read about the amazing work and initiatives of black professionals and executives. Learn more about burgeoning businesses and pioneers in leadership.

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                The Road-Trip of a Lifetime for Black Entrepreneurs

                Thirty rising Black tech entrepreneurs joined JPMorgan Chase bankers on a five-day startup boot camp on a bus.

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                From Ghana to the Bronx and Beyond

                JPMorgan Chase's Gerald Owusu is a proud graduate of The Fellowship Initiative and is now making an impact both inside and outside of work.

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                Filling the Void

                A new documentary puts the focus on black women and their unique journeys to entrepreneurship.

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