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                JPMorgan Chase has been doing business in Detroit for more than 85 years. With nearly two million customers and more than 160,000 business clients in the Detroit metro area, our commitment to the city’s future continues – including doing our part to help more Detroiters benefit from its economic recovery.

                In 2014, we made investments to increase economic opportunity for its residents. The collaboration between local nonprofit, government and business leaders have allowed us to accelerate our initial investment. We have committed to investing $200 million in Detroit’s economic comeback by 2022. Beyond our capital and philanthropic investments, our employees are applying their skills and expertise to help ensure that the city’s economic turnaround creates lasting opportunity for its residents.

                What is Our Model?

                We view our work in Detroit as proof of concept of the model we've developed to help more people move up the economic ladder and share in the rewards of a growing economy. Our approach was refined through our work in Detroit, and we believe the model we've developed, thanks to our work in the city, can help others create lasting impact in their communities.

                Explore Our Model
                Detroit Skyline


                Detroiters participated in workforce programs


                Units of affordable housing created or preserved in Detroit


                Detroiters received services to improve their financial health


                Jobs created or retained in Detroit


                Detroit-based small businesses received capital or technical assistance

                Our Commitment to Detroit

                Five Years After JPMorgan Chase's $150 Million Investment in Detroit

                We’re expanding our commitment to $200M to support Detroit’s economic recovery

                JPMorgan Chase Employees Have Been Strengthening Detroit Nonprofits for Five Years. Here’s How.

                Since 2014, JPMorgan Chase’s Service Corps has sent nearly 150 employees to Detroit nonprofits to deepen the impact of their philanthropic investments

                September in Detroit

                September Hargrove, JPMorgan Chase’s Detroit Program Officer, is using her own experience as inspiration to transform the lives of Detroit residents

                Investing in Opportunity, Detroit

                JPMorgan Chase invested in Detroit’s comeback and established it as the proving ground for our model for driving inclusive growth in other cities

                How Detroit Became a Model for Urban Renewal

                American cities are excellent laboratories for innovation. And no city better reflects this than Detroit

                Using Motor City’s Model to Drive Economic Opportunity Around the World

                Drawing on its proven model of success in Detroit, JPMorgan Chase is now applying a similar formula to Greater Paris


                Detroit Skills Gap Report

                Unemployment remains high across the globe, yet data reveals that employers are having trouble finding workers in key sectors

                Fighting the Statistics to Give Detroit's Youth the Education They Need

                Young people of color and young people from distressed neighborhoods are being shut out of opportunity. JPMorgan Chase is working to help change that reality

                The Legacy of a Detroit Diversity Pioneer

                Aubrey W. Lee’s legacy has laid the groundwork for JPMorgan Chase initiatives that seek to equalize opportunity in the workplace

                Small Business

                How Detroit is Boosting Small Business Growth, One Contract at a Time

                The Entrepreneurs of Color Fund is providing business owners with the financing and technical assistance they need to succeed

                $6.5MM for Innovative Lending to Support Detroit

                After years of friendship and family ties, these friends decided to start a business together in Detroit with a non-negotiable mission

                Why Detroit and Miami are the Next Big Foodie Hotspots

                A recent JPMorgan Chase Institute study found that the cities with the fastest growing restaurant scenes are far from what you’d expect

                Neighborhood Revitalization

                It's Time to Give Our Cities a Second Chance

                Detroit is looking up. Now, JPMorgan Chase is launching a new initiative to increase opportunity in more cities

                A Model of Recovery for America's Cities

                Detroit’s revitalization bears some resemblance to the past

                The Road to Rebuilding Detroit

                Detroit is realizing the fruits of their collaborations with the various businesses, nonprofits and community groups in early signs of progress in the city, though significant challenges remain

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