This document has been prepared to meet JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s (the Firm) reporting obligations under the Equator Principles (EP).

The reporting period covered is the calendar year 2018.

Data Reportingfootnote 1

Project Finance Advisory Services Data
No Project Finance Advisory Services transactions were mandated during the reporting period.

Project Finance Data
No Project Finance transactions reached financial close during the reporting period.

Project-Related Corporate Loans Data
A summary of Project-Related Corporate Loan transactions that reached financial close during the reporting period is presented below:

Categoryfootnote 2



Country Designationfootnote 3

Independent Reviewfootnote 4



Oil & Gas

Americas (LATAM)

Non Designated





Implementation Reporting

The Firm’s publicly available Environmental and Social Policy Framework provides an overview of the Firm’s approach to evaluating risks posed by environmental and social matters, including transactions subject to EP due diligence. Our due diligence efforts are coordinated by a dedicated environmental and social risk management group (GESRM), which reports directly into the Firmwide Risk Executive for Reputation Risk. In cases where significant issues are identified, EP transactions may be escalated to one of the Firm’s Reputation Risk Committees. Each Line of Business is responsible for referring relevant EP transactions to GESRM for consideration and review, and working with GESRM to fulfil EP obligationsfootnote 5.

All definitions are referenced directly from The Equator Principles wording and Exhibit I: Glossary of Terms.
The category is based on the magnitude of the Project’s potential environmental and social risks and impacts. Such screening is based on the environmental and social categorization process of the International Finance Corporation.
Designated Countries are those countries deemed to have robust environmental and social governance, legislation systems and institutional capacity designed to protect their people and the natural environment. The list of Designated Countries can be found on the EP Association website.
Independent Review is a review of the Assessment Documentation including the Environmental and Social Management Plans, Environmental and Social Management System and Stakeholder Engagement process documentation carried out by an Independent Environmental and Social Consultant.
The firm's internal escalation process is further articulated in the Environmental and Social Policy Framework.