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                JPMorgan Chase & Co. Our Stories

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                Our Stories

                From Ghana to the Bronx and Beyond

                JPMorgan Chase's Gerald Owusu is a proud graduate of The Fellowship Initiative and is now making an impact both inside and outside of work.

                September in Detroit

                September Hargrove, JPMorgan Chase’s Detroit Program Officer, is using her own experience as inspiration to transform the lives of Detroit residents.

                Our Pledge to Military Families

                JPMorgan Chase is committed to supporting service members, veterans and their families as they transition to post-military life.

                Honoring a Civil Rights Legacy

                Mike Brown, co-chair of the Black Leadership Forum at JPMorgan Chase, shares how his father’s legacy shaped his life as a person of color.

                We provide training, informal buddies, and mentors to people on the spectrum for everything from career advice to lunch mates.

                The Next Episode

                As employers and employees face an ever-changing job market, can nonlinear careers become a new normal?

                My Accessibility Journey

                Olu Ogbe was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But supportive colleagues made his journey easier.

                Designing Impact

                A brief tour through the ideas and inventions that brought us our smart buildings of today.

                To Build a Home

                In Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood, a wave of development is bringing new life to the community and spurring the city’s rebirth.

                Jobs for Americans

                Following in Germany's footsteps could lead the U.S. to a stronger workforce.

                Leading Voices

                We are bringing attention to the Leading Voices who are committed to setting new standards for inclusivity in the workplace.

                A Working Education

                How students are learning the skills they’ll need to fill the biggest hole in the American job market.

                Pushup Challenge for a Good Cause

                Employees across the company participated in the 20 pushups challenge in support of our commitment in hiring and retaining veterans.

                our employees doing pushups on the street

                Rising Through the Ranks

                See how Jeremy Johnston turned years of tech success in the Air Force into a growing career at JPMorgan Chase.

                Jeremy Johnston headshot

                Winners Just Get Up Faster

                Diversity and inclusion is the key to building a resilient culture that helps companies and communities thrive.

                Bonnie St. John at JPMorgan NYC headquarters

                Negotiate Like a Pro

                Employees at our New York headquarters recently heard from Natalie Reynolds, published negotiation expert, and a panel of our own senior leaders, who shared their expertise on something women often dread – making a deal.

                Natalie Reynolds  at Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) event

                Helping Put People on the Map

                Helping vulnerable cities survive natural disasters and thrive by mapping unmapped territories in developing countries.

                image of african american woman clapping

                Women Can Build

                For Women's Equality Day, see the photo project that highlights non-traditional jobs filled by women.

                Photo of Chancy Davis, welder at New Flyer Industries Bus Factory in St. Cloud, Minnesota

                In Pursuit of LGBT Equality Worldwide

                How the United Nation is working to overcome barriers towards LGBT equality worldwide and how the corporate sector can assist in advancing this goal.

                image of Tashil Fakir, Charles Radcliffe, Stacey Friedman in a panel discussion

                A Gap that Costs $28 Trillion

                Cathy Russell, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, spoke about her mission to advance women’s political and economic participation during a visit to our New York headquarters.

                Ladies speaking at an event for Women on The Move

                Shrinking the Gender Pay Gap

                A recent event at our New York headquarters focused on improving women’s access to well-paying, middle-skill jobs that are traditionally occupied by men.

                women sitting on a stage during a Women On The Move event

                The Schools Challenge

                Encouraging young people to think about their career prospects while building out professional networks.

                image of ethnically diverse school children

                Building Bridges Across the Wage Gap

                There's a solution to the equal-pay problem: getting female workers into well-paying jobs in construction and engineering. All it takes is the right kind of training.

                The Big Difference Small Businesses Can Make

                By supporting minority entrepreneurs who can’t get traditional funding, nonprofit community-development funds are transforming "micro businesses" into engines of economic growth.

                image of multicultural men and women

                Why Summer Jobs Matter Now More Than Ever

                Around the world, momentum is building to expand employment and education pathways for millions of low-income youth who lack access to education, training and employment opportunities.

                Cycle for Survival Rings the Opening Bell

                Chief Financial Officer Marianne Lake joined Cycle for Survival on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell, signaling the start of the day’s trading.

                Shattering the Status Quo

                Young men are inspired to follow bigger dreams through the Fellowship Initiative’s Outward Bound program.

                Startup Week Denver

                Establishing Denver's place in the world of technology, entrepreneurialism, innovation and ingenuity.

                Matching Mothers to Mentors

                It may take a village to raise a child, but for some women at JPMorgan Chase, just one mentor was key to navigating new motherhood while going back to work.

                Helping the Long-term Unemployed

                JPMorgan Chase & Co. recently announced its New Skills at Work initiative, a five-year workforce readiness and demand-driven training initiative.

                Expanding Metro Economies

                JPMorgan Chase and the Brookings Institution have launched the Exchange, a network of 20 pioneering metropolitan areas.

                Expanding Financial Access

                Low-income individuals in the United States face extraordinary financial challenges: 54 million people do not have credit scores.

                Mentorship Program Expands

                The Fellowship Initiative expands to to Chicago and Los Angeles with a larger class of Fellows in New York City.

                Our Pledge to Military Families

                Providing funds to support military veterans and their families, focused in areas like employment, education and housing.

                After Military

                Benjamin Paladino learned valuable lessons about leadership and adversity as a Marine Corps infantryman in Afghanistan.

                News & Announcements

                Research news & announcements with issues highlighting global markets, earning reports, not-for-profit, corporate responsibility, philanthropy, and healthcare.

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                News & Stories

                Real life and real stories directly from Chase and such topics as small business, financial fitness, innovation & leadership, lifestyle and your community. Insights for you to power the possible.

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